Race and morons

I didn't intend this new blog to be an angry platform, but we're in the last week of the election and I have to get this off my chest. This post may have been more appropriate a few weeks ago. Maybe a month ago. Now it appears that we may be on the verge of … Continue reading Race and morons


Today’s challenge got to me

Today was an especially hard day for me. My son is the biggest part of my life. He's precious to me. His name is Connor. I'm very thankful to be a father and even more thankful that I had such a wonderful father myself. My son has learning disabilities. They, as I keep on finding … Continue reading Today’s challenge got to me

Obscene email about Obama pisses me off

I just got this via email. It's late in the election cycle and dirty shit is hitting the fan. I doubt - no I fully believe that this was not created by nor sanctioned by the McCain campaign. And I'll add that there are plenty on the left that would readily use this type of … Continue reading Obscene email about Obama pisses me off

Vinton Ave.

Actually, more precisely, 155 Vinton Ave. That's it.  That's the one.  That's where I got my values from.  My outlook.  My foundation.  It's where I learned about life.  From the two most wonderful people I've ever known.  My parents.  This blog is dedicated them.