It’s About the Outrage Game

So this is now how we do things in America… A lunatic goes into a school and kills fourteen students and three adults. The country is horrified. And rightfully so. A group of young articulate students from this tragedy emerge to protest the gun situation in this country and get backing from mostly undisclosed sources … Continue reading It’s About the Outrage Game

Digitally Deleted in DC

I didn't start Thoughts From Vinton Ave to write about my social life.  This is more of a space where I can relate personal insights.  But when those two things intersect, a blog post happens. Perhaps it's best that I point out two things about myself for people who don't know me. One is that … Continue reading Digitally Deleted in DC

My friend, homeless no more…?

Apparently, my homeless friend is in the process of getting a place to live.  The place he found is near the college he wants to start taking classes at. The amazing thing is that it took someone (me) to simply say to him that his situation is unacceptable - for him.  For six months, he … Continue reading My friend, homeless no more…? is “in” for 2014…and thanks Leigh Anne!!

I'm digging this sudden upsurge of traffic I'm getting on my page.  I have no idea how or why it's happening but apparently it is. is a pretty cool idea.  It allows people to create one page personal profile sites that (at least should) feature a large photograph along with a bio and … Continue reading is “in” for 2014…and thanks Leigh Anne!!