So now he turns 18…

I wrote this on Facebook on the early morning of July 27, day later it appears here: It’s well past midnight and I’m sitting here with all sorts of sentimental thoughts in my head. My son – my only child – turns 18 today. Boy that was fast. Throughout my younger years, my own … Continue reading So now he turns 18…


Figuring out Connor

It's often hard to write about a child that has "special needs", especially when it is rally hard to nail down just what exactly those needs are. Connor failed seventh grade.  He can't retain anything.  He has difficulty adding single digits.  His handwriting is that of a six year oldl.  His greatest interests seem to … Continue reading Figuring out Connor

A tragic day of innocence lost

This morning I woke up to a jarring story in the newspaper.  The killer of Adam Walsh was finally identified. On July 27, 1981, Adam went into a deparment store with his mother.  She lost track of him for just a second...and he was abducted by the person we now known as his killer, Ottis … Continue reading A tragic day of innocence lost

On Veterans Day

My son never got to really meet his grandfather. That's something that I don't want to accept but I have to. But on June 12, 1996, my dad suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Connor was 10 1/2 months old. I do have a wonderful picture of my father holding my son. It sits … Continue reading On Veterans Day