It’s About the Outrage Game

So this is now how we do things in America… A lunatic goes into a school and kills fourteen students and three adults. The country is horrified. And rightfully so. A group of young articulate students from this tragedy emerge to protest the gun situation in this country and get backing from mostly undisclosed sources … Continue reading It’s About the Outrage Game


Check Your Hatred at the Door

The statement itself wasn’t necessarily a big deal, but a couple of days ago I logged out of Facebook on my laptop and shut off the app on my phone. The reason: politics in this country has become a hate fest and not only on my newsfeed, but also on the comments on the posts … Continue reading Check Your Hatred at the Door

Innocence betrayed and the price children pay for our failure Has humanity lost its collective soul?  Did we ever have one to begin with? I posted the story of this little boy on Facebook last night.  His name is Omran Daqneesh.  He's five years old.  His home in Aleppo, Syria was bombed - presumably by the Assad regime.  Seeing his reaction completely got to me. … Continue reading Innocence betrayed and the price children pay for our failure

Digitally Deleted in DC

I didn't start Thoughts From Vinton Ave to write about my social life.  This is more of a space where I can relate personal insights.  But when those two things intersect, a blog post happens. Perhaps it's best that I point out two things about myself for people who don't know me. One is that … Continue reading Digitally Deleted in DC

American Sniper. And what it was about.

OK. So I saw American Sniper. Not that anyone cares, but here’s my take. Given it’s context and for what it is supposed to be, it was an excellent film. And here’s the context: it was a biopic of top notch American sniper who did his job bravely and efficiently. It shows the challenges he … Continue reading American Sniper. And what it was about.

On Ferguson and what I don’t know

Like many, I've gotten caught up in the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.  Regardless of whom is at fault, it's a tragedy. One of the things that disappoints me the most is the absolute close mindedness of many who have been following it. It is insane.  I challenged a bunch of people on … Continue reading On Ferguson and what I don’t know