CNN poll means trouble for HRC

Disclosure: I can't stand either candidate. This ain't an endorsement. Prediction: Unless Trump has a major screw up of historic proportions, he will be the next president of the United States. He's got a lousy campaign apparatus - which is another thing that could do him in - but it also seems he has unshakable … Continue reading CNN poll means trouble for HRC

American Sniper. And what it was about.

OK. So I saw American Sniper. Not that anyone cares, but here’s my take. Given it’s context and for what it is supposed to be, it was an excellent film. And here’s the context: it was a biopic of top notch American sniper who did his job bravely and efficiently. It shows the challenges he … Continue reading American Sniper. And what it was about.

Vinton Ave.

Actually, more precisely, 155 Vinton Ave. That's it.  That's the one.  That's where I got my values from.  My outlook.  My foundation.  It's where I learned about life.  From the two most wonderful people I've ever known.  My parents.  This blog is dedicated them.