Dadomatic is the place to be

The greatest joy of my life came into this world on July 27, 1995. His name was Connor. My father always told me that when I grew up and had a child it would be the best thing that ever happened to me. He was right.

One thing about Dads though. Being men, we seem to have less of a need to congregate in these warm, fuzzy groups. We’re sensitive, but we also have a need to hide that. We also tend to be humble about being fathers.

Enter Dadomatic. Datomatic Logo

Started by Chris Brogan and Dariano “Paisano” Carta, Dadomatic is home to a growing list of a growing list (40 plus at this point) of online dads who write stories of fatherhood, of families, and of their kids. It’s a very much needed concept because many of us online spend so much time writing about the medium as place to connect and to express that we, being dads, need a place to do just that about, well, being dads.

Because I think deep inside, we want to share, to connect, to commiserate with other dads. Yes, we are (most of us, anyway) are softies inside when it comes to our kids. Now we’ve got a place to hang. A Dadomatic wiki has been created and we are in the nascent stages of planning get together next year a la BlogHer.

I’m already going to review a cook book with a health food focus. Should arrive any day now.

See, this is the type of stuff that makes the internet great.


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