Sandy’s aftermath

As hurricane Sandyroars outside, I’m now thinking how fortunate I am.  It’s somewhat rough here…but from what’s going on in the news and from what I’m hearing from my friends on social media, it’s obvious that many other areas have it a lot worse.  Here, it’s mostly hard rain and some strong winds inconsistently coming and going.

The rain sounds comforting.  I reminds me that I’m safe inside.  It’s constant.
Storms like this can effect almost 100,000,000 people.  The vast majority of us  hunkered down in some manner.  With loved ones, or by ourselves connected to others by phone or by computer.   Some of us are at work.
Storms like this reminds us that there’s a commonality within humanity.  A commonality that we all too soon forget.  Nature does that to us.  Or maybe for us.  It reminds us that we are all human and while as individuals, we’re often no match for the wrath of nature, humanity itself is the greatest buffer in case of disaster.

Then tomorrow is recovery for most.  For the more unfortunate, recovery takes longer.

But soon after that, we’re back to being divided.  Divided by whatever we want to be divided by.  Deep divisions that aren’t always necessary.

Why is that?


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