A sort of accurate political poll of me

So I took this online test from Time Magazine to measure my political leanings on a conservative/liberal basis.  I’ve always considered myself to be a centrist and this test confirms that.

I’m 43% conservative, 57% liberal.

Where I lean liberal, I:
– have a messy desk
– think self-expression trumps self-control
– like fusion cuisine
– think government should treat the lives of its citizens as equal to those of other countries (not really)
– use a modern browser
–  prefer the Met to Times Square (sort of, depends on the mood)

When I lean conservative, I:
– like dogs more than cats
– prefer action movies to documentaries
– think kids should learn to respect authority
– don’t think that a person’s partner should be looking at porn alone
– think that the world benefits from nations and borders
– am proud of my country’s history

The explanations don’t show how the test measures level of agreement with the statements offered, but the overall result does seem to be accurate.



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