My friend, homeless no more…?

Apparently, my homeless friend is in the process of getting a place to live.  The place he found is near the college he wants to start taking classes at. The amazing thing is that it took someone (me) to simply say to him that his situation is unacceptable - for him.  For six months, he … Continue reading My friend, homeless no more…?


So many are hurting, so many aren’t caring…

In my previous post, I talked of how I know someone who is homeless.  He's a co-worker that I'm determined to help.  And it got me to thinking... Each of us go through our private hells.  Whether it's large or small, a sudden crisis or a long term issue, we all have to deall with … Continue reading So many are hurting, so many aren’t caring…

A sort of accurate political poll of me

So I took this online test from Time Magazine to measure my political leanings on a conservative/liberal basis.  I've always considered myself to be a centrist and this test confirms that. I'm 43% conservative, 57% liberal. Where I lean liberal, I: - have a messy desk - think self-expression trumps self-control - like fusion cuisine … Continue reading A sort of accurate political poll of me

Boston Strong

Boston took a giant hit last week on one of its most glorious days.  Patriots Day. It's called Patriot's Day because it celebrates the very opening battles of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord.  It's celebrated by many because that feeling of patriotism can still be felt in the air amongst those that live … Continue reading Boston Strong

My thoughts on Election 2012

I'm going to end up voting for someone who I often don't agree with. That's me. I'm a centrist/independent. Got that from my dad. And while I admire my choice for the presidency, I don't worship him. It's just that overall, I either agree with him more than I do his opponent or I've found something … Continue reading My thoughts on Election 2012

Sandy’s aftermath

As hurricane Sandyroars outside, I'm now thinking how fortunate I am.  It's somewhat rough here...but from what's going on in the news and from what I'm hearing from my friends on social media, it's obvious that many other areas have it a lot worse.  Here, it's mostly hard rain and some strong winds inconsistently coming … Continue reading Sandy’s aftermath