My thoughts on Election 2012

I'm going to end up voting for someone who I often don't agree with. That's me. I'm a centrist/independent. Got that from my dad. And while I admire my choice for the presidency, I don't worship him. It's just that overall, I either agree with him more than I do his opponent or I've found something … Continue reading My thoughts on Election 2012


Gingrich, janitors, the 1%, and you and me

First of all, do yourself a favor and watch this movie: The defining moment during this Republican presidential primary season came for me when Newt Gingrich suggested that school systems get rid of most of their janitors in order to hire students.  It wasn't just what he said, it was the subsequent response and lack … Continue reading Gingrich, janitors, the 1%, and you and me

RIP Teddy Kennedy

Image via Wikipedia When you're an Irish Catholic growing up in New England in the 1960's and 1970's, you're going to have a certain affinity with the huge Kennedy clan.  And that's true even if you don't fully embrace the politics. While I was too young to remember the assassination of John F. Kennedy, I … Continue reading RIP Teddy Kennedy

I agree with Roger

Roger Ebert, in his blog post for the Chicago Sun Times, lays it out pretty well as to why we need a public option for health care.. "I"m safe on board.  Pull the life raft up" Sure, the Obama administration and the "progressive" left have been less than honest about key issues such as  costs … Continue reading I agree with Roger

It’s been a while…

I've spend so much time away from this blog, it's as if it isn't mine.  Last years elections wore me out as I got sick of the mudslinging between the candidates supporters.  But I'm back. Some thoughs: The mainstream media loves Barack Obama like the way a college student loves beer. The Republicans haven't seemed … Continue reading It’s been a while…

Defending John McCain

In my last post, I went after those that unfairly trash Barack Obama. As I read the tweets from various people on Twitter and read the posts from various left wing blogs, I once again can reaffirm my belief that political left can be as vicious as the political right. John McCain has been accused … Continue reading Defending John McCain