It’s been a while…

I’ve spend so much time away from this blog, it’s as if it isn’t mine.  Last years elections wore me out as I got sick of the mudslinging between the candidates supporters.  But I’m back. Some thoughs:

The mainstream media loves Barack Obama like the way a college student loves beer.

The Republicans haven’t seemed to learn much from their losses.  They still talk about taxes, taxes, taxes and show intolerance toward the fact that we really are a diverse nation.

The Democrats are weaker than they believe themselves to be.   They’re in uncharted territory.

Gay marriage, while important to many and a legitimate issue to consider, is irrelevant to the vast majority of voters.

Barack Obama isn’t a socialist, but he’s coming close.

But then again, a lot of hard-right Republicans aren’t fascists, but some of them come close too.

Nancy Pelosi irritates me, politically.  She also has a smile that will someday will break her face.  She encompasses what I can’t stand about the Democratic Party.

Rush Limbaugh ecompasses what I can’t stand about the Republican Party.  Toss in Dick Cheney with that.

Newt Gingrich can make sense when he’s not being overly harsh.

This is no longer a center right country.

Mitt Romney’s description of Barack Obama’s approach to overseas issues as being a “Tour of Apology” is crap.  Trying to relate and point out past mistakes is completely appropriate.

But showing the world pictures of American personnel hurting and torturing Muslims isn’t.  Other innocent Americans will lose their lives because of it.  Including U.S. soldiers.

It wouldn’t bother me one bit if James Van Brunn, the white supremecist that shot to death security guard Stephen Johns in the Holocaust Museum, dies from his wounds.  In fact, I hope the bastard dies.

Being a white male, it would be nice to know what Sonia Sotomayor meant by that wise Latina/white male comment.

And Afghanistans and Paksistan are the new players in a 21st Century of the Domino Theory.  That’s very, very scary.

Well, that’s it for now.  Time to hit the sack.


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