Figuring out Connor

It’s often hard to write about a child that has “special needs”, especially when it is rally hard to nail down just what exactly those needs are.

Connor failed seventh grade.  He can’t retain anything.  He has difficulty adding single digits.  His handwriting is that of a six year oldl.  His greatest interests seem to be extending some sort of child world fantasy land.  It could be related to Pokemon or Digimon.  But it’s increasingly becoming age inappropriate.

The hard part is trying to figure out how to respond to all this.  Do I “put a stop” to these fantasay world type things and thus destroy what he may best relate to?  Do I let it continue and keep him on a path where he can avoid growing up?  Where exactly is that best middle ground?

He’ll be 14 in a week.  To him, that means like he’s turning 10.

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