Hitting the gym and making some changes.

In life, there’s certain things that can, for good reasons or for bad, can inspire one to make stark changes in one’s life.  Such as a few little events that took place on my birthday a couple of months back.  Examining one’s life is essential to self-improvement and that’s what I’ve done and have been doing ever sense.

One way I’ve gone through self reflection relates to physical health and fitness.  I’ve long had a gym membership but I’d go in frequently.  Now I actually have two memberships and go religiously.  I’m a fanatic.  A problem is that I really don’t know what I’m doing.

So far, it’s been geared more toward weight training as opposed to cardio.  But cardio is now getting in the mix.  I’m learning that 1) I can’t run as well as a used to and 2) better cardio will make exercising easier overall.

Regarding weight training, I can see and feel obvious results.  I’m in the process of developing certain workout plans through the research I’ve done.  Maybe I’ll put it down in detail at some point.

All I know is that I feel better already.


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